The benefits of yoga during pregnancy are enormous. Many of the yoga postures we practice are ones that women instinctively use during labour and birth. They widen the pelvic diameter, help to position the baby properly and prepare you psychologically for birth. When you practice yoga you learn to breathe and release sensations of stiffness as your muscles stretch, this helps to prepare the mind and body for birth. These classes are aimed at providing not only physical exercises that give strength, flexibility and endurance for labour but also to teach understanding and trust in the birthing process.
Pregnancy is transformation which begins with self empowerment through education and practical work that enables a women to be confident and fully aware of all aspects of her pregnancy and birth. If she has any doubts in her own ability to birth naturally then she has already given her power over to professionals to birth for her, but when a women learns to fully trust in her innate ability to give birth she lets go of associated fears, and limiting beliefs that can prevent natural birth and personal growth.


"Dear Sherry, I just wanted to say an extra special thank you. I really don’t think I would have had such a wonderful birth experience had it not been for your pregnancy yoga class! Thank you so much, you have become a great friend and I can’t wait to have my next baby so I can come back to yoga. You have been very inspiring and helped me so much. I was very lucky to have you throughout my pregnancy. Thanks again, Erin."
"Dear Sherry, Thank you so much for the wonderful yoga classes. Thanks too for sharing your pregnancy and birthing experiences and knowledge, and for encouraging such open discussion amongst us Ladies.
The benefits of your classes are endless. I thoroughly enjoyed them and I am so grateful. Rach."
"I am so glad that I attended pregnancy yoga classes with Sherry before the birth of my first child, Owen. Not only did it keep me fit during pregnancy and prepare me physically for labour, it also helped to mentally prepare. I met many lovely expectant mothers who proved a great support during this time and we still meet up now with our babies. I remember the joy shared in the class when we heard that a member had given birth. When I think back on my pregnancy, the yoga classes that I did were possibly my favourite part of being pregnant as I would leave class feeling lighter than air and of course the social aspect. I found that the yoga training did help with the contractions during labour, however I ended up needing an emergency caesarean. I think that yoga helped me recover quickly after surgery. I must admit to meditating while being wheeled to theatre because I was very scared and this really helped calm the panic! I still find time to practice yoga now and will certainly practice during any future pregnancies. I encourage my antenatal patients to consider the same."
Rose (Medical Doctor)

Peregian Beach Yoga Studio is owned and run by Principle teacher Sherry Eastwood. Sherry has been teaching in Peregian Beach for 20 years and remains one of the most experienced teachers on the Sunshine Coast, specialising in Pregnancy and Prenatal.

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